What the…….?

I’ve been sick.  Really sick.  Doubled up in pain, unable to move sick.  So thanks to whoever said that I only post when the Yankees win……*****.  Maybe you’d like to have what happened to me, happen to you….and we’ll see how much get up and go you’ve got.  Add to the fact that I wanted to stay away from here for awhile because I didn’t want to rip a certain someone a new a**hole, well…..yeah.

So you sir can never post here again.  Kthnx.

Moving on…….LOU PINIELLA?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Firing Torre and hiring that maniac isn’t the answer.  As much as I b*tched and whined about him all year, I never truly wanted him fired because I knew this spazz would be the first candidate.  He will never work in NY.  He just won’t.  We don’t have a team that he can throw chairs at.  Young dumb rookies, maybe.  We don’t have those, for the most part.  And having managed RJ and Alex doesn’t mean diddly-squat to me.  This is going to turn into the 1980s, just you watch.  A revolving door of managers, constant mediocrity and a longing for the good old days. 



  1. amber__11@hotmail.com

    Charlie are you ten? You better go do your homework, and get to bed early so you wont be tired for 4th grade tomorrow.


  2. jebbo@malinsinoz.com

    Disrespecting and underestimating your opponent (i.e. saying the Tigers were the weakest team) only sets you up to appear foolish when the inevitable happens. I seriously doubt the Tigers underestimated the Yanks. The Tigers had the best record in baseball for about 95% of the season and the best pitching in baseball all season. How do you figure they were the weakest? Anyway, sorry about your loss!


  3. amber__11@hotmail.com

    cmt or whatever your name is, your immature. Go ask Charlie’s teacher what that means. Just because you think it’s true doesnt mean it is. Who’s your team? Are you happy that you can be a troll and go around to others ppls sites and call their teams names because your team didnt make it to the playoffs?


  4. Beth

    //Yankees ****!//

    //Well, he’s right, no matter his age.//

    Go splooge on a Red Sox blog and stay away from mine.


  5. Jacob

    I’m not sure about it becoming the a return of the eighties just yet…but Piniella could very well send it there. The last thing we need is an old-style manager. This isn’t the fifties…yelling and threatening no longer get the job done.




  6. uconnrh11@yahoo.com

    savejoetorre.com – joe needs our help

    great comments on Joe and Lou, couldn’t agree with you more….


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