Jeff Karstens is not a major-league pitcher.

I’m going to forget that this game ever happened.  I had a feeling it would be bad…..I had no idea it would be THIS bad.  Someone tell me why Ian Kennedy wasn’t called up to pitch this game.  I’d rather a minor-leaguer who has never pitched a day in the majors before as opposed to Jeff Sh!tstains.  And Jim Brower.  I hope I never see him or Sh!tstains on this roster ever again.  Talk about putting out a fire with lighter fluid.  I want to think that losing Scooter weighed heavily on the team’s mind tonight and that’s why they were so frickin’ horrible, but on the other, I don’t want to think that they fall to pieces that quickly.  Oh BTW, the Devil Rays can go straight to ****.  Way to blow Kazmir’s shutout, you assclowns.  Reyes should be put on the rack and stretched until his arms rip off and then he should be beaten to death with them.  How do you give up a HR to Mike Lowell?  HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!  That whole **** team should be contracted.  I guess it was a lot to ask that the Devil Rays actually remain competitive for the full 9 innings.  The only way they were going to win the game was if Kazmir threw a complete game.

Match-up for Wednesday:

Next Game:

Wed., August 15 @  1:05 p.m. ET

TV: YES | Radio: WCBS, 92.7 WQBU (Sp.)




Pretend this is Game 7 of the World Series, Phil.  Because we need to win this game.



  1. Jason

    I agree, Beth. Between Scooter’s highly unfortunate passing and having Karstens on the mound, the loss was no real surprise. The 12-0 loss was. They played dejected, which is unfortunate and untimely, but not unexpected. They’ll need to respond well tomorrow, and they usually do, but the “X” factor is having the kid Hughes in there against a hot-hitting team. Bedard is also extremely tough, especially against lefties, so the Yankees will have their work cut out for them. I confident they’ll respond well.

    Karstens might have deserved a look at some point, given his good Spring Training, but he’s a few rungs below Hughes and Chamberlain, just not major-league caliber. Nor is Brower, who other than retiring his first batter last week, really has seemed shell-shocked.

    I know it’s been a sad day with Scooter’s passing, but your nickname for Karstens really had me chuckling.


  2. Beth

    //I know it’s been a sad day with Scooter’s passing, but your nickname for Karstens really had me chuckling.//

    Some players don’t deserve to be called by their actual names. And I’m actually more pissed at the D’Rays blowing their game than I am at us losing.


  3. Jason

    Unfortunately for the Yanks, not pitching Kennedy was pretty much a forced move. You bring him up, you have to add him to the 40-man, then you have to take someone off, then you have to worry about options, and then their service time starts and arbitration comes that much sooner, or something like that. It was more a move of convenience than anything else. It backfired.

    And screw the D-Rays. They blew tonight hardcore.



  4. Beth

    //It was more a move of convenience than anything else.//

    See, that’s the thing that bothers me the most (well, one of the things) about that move. We are not at a point in the season where moves can be made or not made based on “convenience”. They should be made based on whether they give us the best chance to win the game. Who thinks Sh!tstains gives us the best chance to win anything, except a “What team will lose by the widest margin” Award?



    Terrible game and today was pretty much AAA audition night, as in the worst pitcher today gets sent back to AAA, and it’s a tossup between Karstens and Brower in my eyes, with Karstens leading by a nose. The good thing about this is that they get right back out there tomorrow, and hopefully Phil Franchise can put together another good start against a tough opposing pitcher. Go Yanks.



    i said it to my husband before the game and i’ll say it now after watching this JOKE of a game: I HATE KARSTENS AND BROWER- THEY S#CK AND DO NOT BELONG IN THE MAJOR LEAGUE!!!
    let’s go hughes! salvage this series for us at least!

    they have to win this game tomorrow- it will be the last one i get to watch until the end of august (as i will be away on vacation! yea!)



    These games happen (at least that is what Willie Randolph tells us Met fans!!). The Bombers have been on an unbelievable roll of late so I have no fears at all that this game will be anything but just an anomoly. Karstens probably should be sent back down to the minors to “season” a bit – he was very overmatched.

    I wonder if just the overall somber mood of the day affected everyone too. Just sayin’ (and maybe giving the guys the benefit of the doubt).

    Anyway, it was not a pretty game but as a Met fan, I am so used to seeing ugly games so I guess I am kind of immune and always have that “we’ll bounce back tomorrow” attitude šŸ™‚ – the Yankees will too.

    Lee Ellen



    I believe that you are all cruel miserable pigs! How dare you sit on your *** staring at your computer making judgements! Mr. Karstens obviously has the talent and the skill to play major league ball, otherwise they wouldn’t keep pulling him up. Look at his statistics for spring and all of the minor league games he was pitching while nursing his leg! His stats show that he has a lot of skill and though he hasn’t had the best streak in Major leagues this season, I believe that he will come back and blow all of your minds!! I am hoping each and everyone of you that has doubted his talent, will be sticking that foot right in your mouth shortly! Keep your eyes on Jeff, because you’d better believe he isn’t done with the Majors yet!


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