Good idea or an accident waiting to happen?

I’ve been reading a couple Yankees forums recently, and something I’ve noticed in both of them, is the desire to sign Barry Bonds for this coming season, as they feel he would make a good offensive addition to our line-up, what with Alex batting in front of him and all.  Most people here know how I feel about Barry Bonds, so I needn’t go further with that, but what do YOU think?  Would Barry Bonds, federal indictment and all, be a welcome addition to our team or nothing more than a needless distraction?  Do we really need him to win, because based on the tone of some of the posts I was reading, if we don’t sign him, we’ll never win the WS again until 2100.  I think it was odd considering all that’s currently swirling with the Mitchell Report that ANY Yankee fan would want him.  It seems we’re having enough of an issue with that right now, with players that are not Barry Bonds.

Also, a bit of a news hodge-podge:  Tino Martinez returns to the Yankees….no, not as a player.
Brian Bruney signs 1-year contract with Yankees
Phil Hughes to change his uniform number (take Pavano’s please!)
Yankees announce on-line lottery for select games



  1. Steve

    Awful idea! The Yankees are dealing with enough with the fallout from the Mitchell report. MLB needs to just say no to Barry.



    Notwithstanding all the baggage Bond at Yankee Stadium as a DH make the line up more dangerous. Only if he can still pull the ball.

    That would mean Giambino at first or not at all


  3. Jason

    There is no way in the world that I’d support Bonds’s coming to the Yankees. He’s nothing but cancer, in all his destructive selfishness. The Yankees really don’t need more offense, anyway. They need relief pitching.

    I sincerely hope the Yankees stay away from Bonds.


  4. Jason

    I’ll add that I’m thrilled to see that Tino is working with Shelley the Marauder, who could sneak up on people this year if given the chance. He has limitations but also certain potential. I’ve love nothing more than to see him win regular playing time with good play at first and power in his righty bat, something the Yankees need to have beyond A-Rod. We’ll see, and Giambi could still have a big year. But to me, the more Giambi plays first, the less he’ll play all around. He’s proven himself to be brittle. I guess I’m rooting for Shelley. On Tino, I’d love to see him have a steady presence with the Yankees. During his stints with the Yankees, it was impossible not to love Tino–he was very clutch, drove in a ton of runs, and played a very good first. Plus, he was a terrific leader. The guy was flat-out money. The continuity between 1983 and 2001 was remarkable and a stark contrast to the first-base-by-committee scenario we’ve witnessed lately.



    Haven’t posted here in a while, but I had to chime in on this one.

    Absolutely, positively, no way in **** should the Yankees try and get Baroid. 1st, there is no place for him to play. The DH position is a logjam already between Giambi and Matsui, and there is no way I’d trust him in the field. 2nd, salary. He’ll want to get paid near what he made last year, and the Yankees are already over $200 million. 3rd, but not least, why would you sign a guy that will probably be spending a lot of time away from the team while he is in court? Besides, the Yankees already have a lot of bad PR because of the Mitchell Report. They don’t need to go signing known juicers.



    Yo, Beth, I can’t believe your blog was on MLB Trade Rumors, mega-props, I check that site every day.

    Now if you’d only join my fantasy league and give me some credibility.

    Why on earth would signing Barry help anything, we’ve already got Giambi and Hideki battling to see who can claim to be most injured and get the DH spot. Morgan Ensberg might find his stroke, the outfield looks good, I suppose having him bat 4th might be useful, but.. ya know, it’s not like there’s no other power bats on the team.



    Bonds hit .276 with 28 homeruns, 66 RBI’s and 132 walks in 340AB’s on a bad team. Imagine if he were batting ahead or behind ARod. He played in 126 games probably starting left field in 100, that’s plenty for the Yankees, 40 would be more like it. He could help rest Damon and Matsui. He handles adversity well by being like Bill Bellichick. He’d also take pressure off of Pettitte! It would drive Red Sox fans crazy. He’d hit 40 homeruns in Yankee stadium. If they could sign him to a one year contract for $8M I’d do it, ****, bring Clemens back for one more year too. His tutelage alone (non steroids) would be worth it! I love the youth movement but its Tuesday and we need to get over the hump. I like the idea of an investment in Freddy Garcia, if healthy by August in case any of the veterans or young guns are tired.


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