Giants 15, Patriots 9

What a weird game.  I thought it was going to be an easy win for us, but when are games against the Red Sox ever easy?  It was nice to see our offense finally break out in a serious way, and it was even better to see the team not succumb to defeat when Wang decided to take the night off.  This could have easily been reversed if we didn’t fight back in a serious manner.  Losing this game would have s.ucked.

As I mentioned above, Wang didn’t have a great game.  He only went 4 innings, giving up 8 runs on 9 hits.  Ack.  Not a good night for him.  Ohlendorf, Hawkins, Traber and Bruney were the relievers tonight, and wouldn’t you know it…..Hawkins got the win.  He pitched really well tonight, hopefully that’ll go a long way to shutting up the losers who berated him into changing his number.  Bruney got the save, and he did just as well.  It was nice to see our bullpen step up in a game like this. 

Apparently the Yankees’ bats finally showed up, and just at the right moment.  15 runs on 16 hits.  Nice.  Even better was every starter got a hit!  That’s right, all of them!  Even Jason Giambi!  So everyone offensively gets a Star tonight for kicking ***, but there are a couple that will get special mention.  Alex Rodriguez hit his 521st career HR, putting him at #15 on the all-time list.  #15.  And he’s 32.  Imagine where he could be in 10 years.  Yikes.  Chad Moeller, our backup’s backup, went 3-4 and now he’s hitting .400.  Our backup’s backup.  Now that’s cool.  DJ went 2-4 with a couple RsBI and Jason went 2-4 with a couple RsBI as well.  It was great seeing everyone do something, including the guys who haven’t done much since the season began.  I’d like to see this offense continue for tomorrow night.  Please.

Stars of the Game™ (offense only tonight)





  1. brnxbomb2

    Some of the best parts of last night’s game were things that didnt happen…We didnt miss Joba, we didnt have to use Mo, etc. Ohlendorf had his issues but in general the bullpen stepped up in a big way.

    ARod will end his career with 800 HR’s, and thats a conservative number, given that he wont need to hit more than 30 in a year to do it – think about that, wow.

    How do you like the 4+ hour games, Yankees vs. Red Sox – I love it, you can read why here

    Go Yanks!


  2. feverspell

    //How do you like the 4+ hour games, Yankees vs. Red Sox//

    They kill me, but in a good way. You’re always going to see good baseball between these two teams, so you just settle down for the ride. They’re exhausting, tiring and at times maddening, especially when both teams decide to take 30+ minutes to go through an inning. But you’re still watching quality baseball and you hope you come out on top.


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