Game 76: Summertime’s calling me.

wrightsvillebeach.jpgSee that little slice of heaven over there?  That’s where I was all day today.  Wrightsville Beach, NC is probably the most beautiful stretch of land I’ve ever seen.  A 3 1/2 hour drive from where I live, it was well worth it.  The one thing I never quite got used to was the salt water.  Coming from Chicago and going to the beach at Lake Michigan, that’s freshwater.  If it gets in your eyes, big deal.  It’s like getting hit in the face with bathwater.  Not so much here, though.  That stings like you wouldn’t believe and I had the misfortune of getting knocked over by a wave and swallowing some.  EGADS.  I had to drink 2 bottles of water just to get the salt out.  Either way, it was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon and knowing the Yankees were playing this evening, I hoped they’d win and cap off this great day.  And they did! 


AJ Burnett pitched marvelously and just continued that which CC started last night.  He went 7 innings of 1-hit ball and walked 3 while striking out 10.  That means in the last 2 games, the Mets have had a grand total of 4 hits.  Maybe tomorrow they’ll get 2 hit.  That’ll complete the 1-2-3 trifecta, I suppose.  Brian Bruney came in to relieve him and pitched the 8th, giving up no hits and no runs, while walking none.  Robertson relieved him for the 9th and also gave up no hits and no runs.  Can’t complain about the pitching again tonight, the shorter the blurb on a winning GDS, the better!


We didn’t get tons of offense tonight, but when your pitcher is doing as well as AJ was doing, very little is ever needed.  Jorge was the big winner tonight, hitting a 3-run HR in the 6th.  Alex got an RBI as well, knocking a single in the 6th that scored Tex. We got our other run on a solo shot by Swish in the 3rd.  I hope we can go for the Crazy Stein tomorrow on a game that’s as easy as the last couple have been.  No drama.  😀




Stars of the Game™










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