Game 77: It’s just Mo’s world.

Crazy Stein.jpg I don’t know what was more memorable about this game; Mo’s 500th save
or the fact that he got his first major league RBI when K-Rod walked
him.  I mean, Derek thought the idea of Mo batting to start with was
hysterical and in a way it was, because that late in a game, usually
the pitcher is PH for.  I’m glad Girardi let him bat because otherwise
we wouldn’t have had that great comedic moment.  Too bad he didn’t hit
a granny… that would have been good!  What more evidence do we need of how monumentally amazing Mariano Rivera is?  I’ve watched him pitch for the Yankees his entire career and it’s been a pleasure the whole time.  He just goes out there and does his job, no stupid histrionics or dramatics on the mound.  Just business.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, I suppose.  Congrats, Mo……you are the greatest. 

But enough about Mo, let’s talk starting pitching.  Wang didn’t do
nearly as bad as several at bats would let on.  He gave up only 2 runs
on 4 hits which is great, and he even got his first win of the season
out of it.  I can’t really complain about his performance tonight, but
I would say I would have liked it if he was more economical with his
pitch count and stayed in the game a little longer.  It shouldn’t have
taken 5 pitchers to beat the Mets. 

Our offense tonight was rather dead.  We got 3 runs in the 1st didn’t
do anything else until Mo’s heroic bases-loaded walk in the 9th brought
in another run.  We squandered opportunity after opportunity to knock
Hernandez out of the game and I don’t know how many DPs Robbie Cano hit
into but it was annoying as hell.  Thankfully the Mets are horrible or
else they could have capitalized on our inability to put the game way
early.  Tex had a 2-RBI double and Jorge had a sac fly and
really…….that was it.  The sac fly was really the winning run as
without Mo’s RBI we still would have won the game 3-2, but insurance is
always great.  For the next game, I’d like to see more than 4 hits. 
I’ll always take the win, but come on…..don’t start getting cheap. 
Either way, what a great game and even better……the Crazy Stein has
returned.  😀

Star of the Game™



One comment


    Today was another mark in the win column. Considering the lack of hitting -combined with control problems from Mets pitching- it was a gift. Perhaps the flu-bug could be blamed….I’m reaching here.

    Wang seemed to tire out after the fourth inning today. Perhaps he is not yet accustomed to throwing that many pitches. Hopefully he will get back on track and become a consistent starter once again. On that note, Hughes is beginning to settle down it appears. I’m starting to have more confidence in him out of the BP.

    As for Mo, that was great seeing him get number 500 -and more so that RBI walk off K-Rod.


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