Game 67: Not a good start.


So Javy pitches a great game, giving up only 1 ER and 3 hits over 7 innings…..and the offense does bupkiss.  Not even bupkiss, but negative bupkiss. 

Ugh.  Just when our starting pitching is coming around, especially from the back end….the bullpen starts spitting the bit.  Joba gave up 2 runs and Chan-Ho Park gave up another.  Before then, we were only down 1-0 and even though our offense was nearly flatlining…..we could have come back from that.  We weren’t coming back from 4-0. 

I hope tomorrow afternoon’s game is a complete 180 of this one.  We’re getting lucky so far in that Tampa has been losing, but Boston hasn’t.  We need to keep them at bay.


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