Game 17: That’s why they call us the Bronx Bombers.


Holy home runs, Batman!  I guess the Yankees decided to demonstrate their superior offensive skills last night, while also demonstrating why CC Sabathia is basically our only reliable starter.  *sigh*  Not that I’m complaining mind you, just that geez. 

We’ll start with the pitching, and boy did CC have a great night.  8 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 7 K.  I’ll take that every night and twice on Sunday.  Oh yeah, did I mention that CC pitched last night with the flu?  Yeah, he had chills, a sore throat, a fever…..and he still went out there and kicked @$$.  Now you know why he’s the man.  Buddy Carlyle came in (what a great name) to pitch the 9th since there was basically zero chance the Orioles were scoring 13 runs to win the game, and thus we didn’t need to burn any of our bigger-name relief pitchers.  Not much to say about the pitching really — I mean, the Orioles got squat.  Let’s hope that continues later today. 

As for the offense, as I jokingly said on a message board I belong to, I hope they save some runs for the next game.  15 runs on 14 hits ain’t too shabby for a night’s work.  Especially when the team smacks a total of five HRs in the game, two from one player alone.  There were a couple of players who had mondo huge nights — Alex Rodriguez and Russell Martin.  Alex went 2-5 with 6 RBI, including his 22nd career GS which puts him one behind Lou Gehrig for most all-time, and his 6 RBIs move him into the #10 spot on the all-time RBI list, ahead of Yaz.  Russell Martin went 2-3 with 4 RBI, including two HRs.  We also got great nights from Jorge (1-5, 2 RBI), Gardy (2-5, 2 RBI), Robbie (3-5, RBI), and Mark (2-3).  I doubt we’re scoring 15 runs again, but one more than half that would be spectacular this afternoon. 

Stars of the Game™







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