Game 27: Just couldn’t fight ’em off.

CC didn’t pitch nearly as bad as the final score would suggest.  If your starter only gives up four runs over the course of seven innings, you should be able to win that game.  I’m sorry.  Our offense let him down, which isn’t the first time it’s happened, sadly.  Joba pitched well too, so our pitching really wasn’t the issue tonight.

It was this offense, which has been bordering on narcoleptic the last couple weeks.  We score 15 runs, barely plate runs the next few games.  We score 12 runs, barely plate runs the next few games.  There’s a pattern here, a pattern that’s existed for several seasons now.  It’s getting old.  However Derek got a hit tonight so he’s only 48 away from 3,000 and Jorge went 2-4 making him our only batter to net more than one hit tonight. 

Brush the dust off, get ’em tomorrow.  It’s the best we can do. 

MLBlogs is making the move to WordPress this weekend, so this blog will unavailable from Friday the 6th to sometime on the 9th, I believe Mark said.  Which sucks, but I’ll write up GDPs during the absence and then post them when we’re able to again.  During that time, if you try to access this blog, you’ll be re-directed to the main MLBlogs blog, for status updates.




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