Game 28: Did our bats die again?

Thumbnail image for question_marks.jpg

Another game, another decent to semi-decent pitching performance with zero to little offensive output. 

Freddy Garcia didn’t pitch that poorly, it should be noted.  He threw seven innings, gave up only four runs on ten hits, walked two and struck out eight.  That’s a quality start right there.  Buddy Carlyle pitched the 9th and struck out two on thirteen pitches.  So the pitching wasn’t the issue. 

The offense on the other hand, is cause for great concern.  We can’t score runs, and when we do, it’s either via the HR or the HR.  We can score huge swaths of runs, but then for games at a stretch afterward, we barely plate runs.  We’re just bad right now, and lucky to have 17 wins.  I’d ask for things to get better tomorrow, but that may be asking too much.


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