Game 36: What the hell is going on?

Nothing like losing to the Red Sox, huh?  It’s enough to make me lose my dinner.  We made Buckles the Chimp look like Cy Young.  Not to mention the fact that yet again, we didn’t do jack or squat until the last damn minute, which is starting to get on my ever-loving nerves.  Colon wasn’t even that bad, either…..he only gave up 2 ER in 6 IP.  Joba who came in for the 7th, coughed up 2 ER, which made the whole we were currently sitting in that much wider.

Only one person in our lineup managed more than one hit, and that was Grandy.  He went 2-5 with an RBI.  Russell Martin was our other only offensive “star”, going 1-4 with 2 RBI.  Everyone else did bupkiss.  This was not how I wanted to set the tone for the series, especially coming off that disastrous series against the Royals a few days ago.  Derek got another hit, so he’s one step closer to 3,000…..but there aren’t many positives that can be taken away from this.  Sometimes the silver lining is hard to find.


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