Game 53: Just clobber ’em.

We had a very good night, no?  Nice to see that after that crappy Seattle series, the Yankees are picking up and doing their business.  After letting the sh!tty Sox get out of the basement, we’re hell bound and determined now to hold on to 1st place for as long and consistently as we can.

Freddy Garcia started the game last night, and turned another great performance by our rotation.  7IP, 9 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 5 K is not half-bad for a night’s work.  I think he gave up a couple too many hits, but as you can see the A’s weren’t able to do much with what they got.  Ayala and Pendleton pitched the final two innings, giving up no hits, no runs, one walk and one strikeout.  Very well done, fellas!

A “very well done, fellas” goes out to the offense too, which smacked the cover off the ball.  Derek went 2-4, meaning he’s 17 hits away from 3,000 now.  It’s looking more and more like he’ll get 3,000 in Cincinnati, but it would be even cooler if he could get at home.  We’ll have to see.  Alex went 3-4 with 3 RBI, Grandy went 3-5 with 4 RBI, and Robbie went 1-4 with 2 RBI.  We got a lot of production up and down the lineup, with everyone but Gardy and Russell Martin from the starting lineup getting at least one hit.  I hope we see something very similar this afternoon.


Stars of the Game


Freddy Garcia, Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, and Derek Jeter!


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