Game 55: I hate the Superfluous Acronyms™.

I don’t care that we beat them in the ALCS in 2009, thereby exorcising some kind of demonic curse the team had put over us……I really, really hate playing them.  They always seem to bring out the worst in the team, no matter how good or bad we might be playing at that time.  It’s annoying.

We didn’t even really play that poorly.  I mean, sure we could have managed a bit more offense than just two runs on three hits, but our pitching was solid.  Very solid.  Nova pitched well, our bullpen was great……we just couldn’t manage any runs off Weaver.  It happens, but I hate when it happens against that team.  Any other team and I’m like whatever, but the Superfluous Acronyms?  No thanks.

CC pitches tonight, and hopefully our offense wakes up.


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