Games 63 & 64: Night and Day.

I was hoping for a sweep of the Indians, but unfortunately we ran across the buzz-saw that is Carlos Carrasco.  That being said, AJ Burnett wasn’t a slouch on the mound either, going deep into the 8th inning.  We just couldn’t get any offense going.  Five hits would have been nice if we’d done something with them.  Thankfully during the whole of the series, our bullpen didn’t need to be taxed much.

The only really big offensive note is that Derek (who hopefully isn’t that seriously injured) is just 6 hits away from 3,000.  I hope he can get it this week during the series with the Rangers, but that’s dependent of course, on if he plays.  Which I hope he does.  Imagine how loud Yankee Stadium is going to get.


One comment

  1. cartwrightrocks

    This game was utterly frustrating to watch. We had the bases loaded and men on base early on in the game and did nothing. There were tons of opportunities to score. AJ was sharp and had Swisher been about 2 inches taller, he would have made that grab out in right. I guess this game was not to be, chalk one up for the humility column.


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