Game 71: What would Les Nessman say?

In case you hadn’t noticed, my theme for the GDPs following our games with the Reds will be based on WKRP in Cincinnati, a damn fine TV show from the late 70s when Loni Anderson didn’t look like a troll.  In any event, we’re continuing our futile march through the National League, and after Chi-Town, we’re now at a city known for putting chili on spaghetti.  What’s up with that?

Taking the mound last night for the Pinstripers was none other than Ivan Nova, who turned in one hell of a performance.  8 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K.  Both Ayala and Logan came in to start the 9th, but both also gave up a run a piece, which meant that Mo had to get up and get in the game, squelching any chance the Reds might have had to come back and win.  Mo’s 18th save of the season brings him to within 24 saves of Trevor Hoffman and the all-time saves record.  Go on and get it, Mo.

We didn’t match the previous game’s offensive totals, but it was still enough to get the job done.  Our big hitters were Alex (2-4, RBI) and Robbie (2-4, RBI), as they were the only players who managed more than one hit.  We did get other RBIs from Russell Martin and Andruw Jones, however.  Let’s keep this “pitching & offense = victory” thing going and see if we can’t take this series too.



  1. cartwrightrocks

    Les Nessman would fowl up the entire blog, seeing that he was quite ignorant in the sports world. Rather on seeing the game as a poor performance by the Reds, he would intently focus on one minor miscue by the umpire and use that as the excuse for losing.

    Other than that, the bullpen is possibly the best in the league right now -and that without the sub-par services of Soriano, and key injuries to Joba, Marte and Feliciano. Others have stepped up. Logan has made adjustments over the past month, and Robertson has continued the success from the latter part of last season. I can see Robertson as a future closer if he can remain consistent throughout the year and also cut down on the walks. Of course this may mean more hits as he tends to get a lot of Ks from swings outside the zone.

    I was a bit curious of the pitching of Hector Noesi. He has great control and hits the strike zone a lot. However, he needs to learn to pitch inside a bit more and keep hitters off base. In the 12-2 win over the Brewers, he took 13 pitches and gave up a single to Braun, then took another 9 pitches to retire Kotsay.

    Hope AJ does well tonight!


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