I know I’ve been gone a while…..

….and I’ve had a good reason. Our internet system here decided to take a nose dive into the Atlantic, probably to cool off, so I haven’t had Internet access for the last few days. Rest assured, I haven’t given up on this blog, nor anyone who reads it and comments. Big things have been happening for the Yankees in my absence, namely a seven game winning streak, an MLB-best six Yankees heading to the ASG (four of them as starters), and our continued seat atop the AL East.

The third game of the Subway series against the Mets just got underway, and here’s hoping we sweep the sorry SOB’s.


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  1. cartwrightrocks

    Happy Fourth of July. Sorry to hear about the net that has to suck big time. The sweep almost happened, its a shame that we cannot seem to distance ourselves from the rest of the AL East. Freddy and Bartolo have pitched well. I hope the AS break will not be a jinx. The Bombers have actually picked up the pace since Jeter has been out. Nunez has done very well with the bat, his glove however has got to improve. You can have a rocket for an arm, but if you cannot field that ball on a consistent basis, consider yourself to be a pinch hitter and nothing more.

    Mo is showing us his human side, although looking at the strike zone monitor, he had strike three on a couple of hitters that reached base. Let’s hope for a strong finish before the break.

    Watching Jeff Loria for the Marlins makes me shake my head. People like that should just sell the team. His flamboyant stupidity at times puts him in the Marge Schott category for worst MLB owners. He’s a Steinbrenner wannabee with no money.


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