Why I hate the All-Star Game

I could probably take up several pages discussing all the reasons why I think the All-Star Game has become a colossal joke, but I’ll hit the main points instead.

For starters, it’s a popularity contest and has been for years. Players that deserve to go don’t, players that don’t deserve to go, do. That’s not a specific comment toward this year’s selections, especially since so many players have bailed, which brings me to my next point.

Players for the most part, just want the days off. Just looking at the Yankees, Derek isn’t going, Alex isn’t going, CC isn’t going, Mo isn’t going, I don’t know if Russell has bailed yet, but he probably should. Other big name players not going; Justin Verlander, David Price, Albert Pujols. Basically, the players people want to see aren’t going, and they’ve been replaced by players that either should have made the team to start with, or shouldn’t be on the team anyway. There’s no reason to watch — it’s turned into the Pro Bowl.

It shouldn’t mean anything, but it does. Why can’t they go back to having the AL and NL rotate as to who has HFA in the World Series and drop this ridiculous idea that the ASG should be meaningful? It’s an exhibition game, these guys shouldn’t have the play like it’s the last game of the regular season, especially since there are players on both teams whose teams have no chance in hell of making the playoffs anyway. Why should they bust their ass for something that won’t affect them? For them it IS a meaningless game.

Like I said, I probably could go into more detail and list about half a dozen more than that, but those are the main issues I have with it. It’s just yet another thing Bud Selig has managed to screw up since he became commish.



  1. cartwrightrocks

    “……especially since there are players on both teams whose teams have no chance in hell of making the playoffs anyway.”

    Amen to that! This is merely a popularity contest where player that garners the most votes plays 3 innings. Selig needs to fire himself for making this game be the sole determinate of home field advantage in the WS. He and Roger Goodell must exchange ideas often while standing next to each other at the urinal. Another thing that defies common sense is the HR Derby.

    Why are the players hitting these $150 gold embellished balls? There are enough fights and injuries as is these days over a $12 OMLB. I can see a grown man shoving a 6-year-old aside to get the ball. Did Shannon Stone’s death not trigger the common sense bell? Perhaps hundreds of them were made, so what! Just sell them at the already overpriced souvenir stands! Ebay the damn things!

    A late congrats to the Captain! Going 5 for 5, hitting a HR for number 3000, and bringing in the winning run must have really lit up Yankee Stadium. BTW, I saw an article giving Jeter the nickname “Mr. 3000.” Firstly, he was not the first to reach that milestone and more importantly it reminds me too much of Bernie Mac’s character in the film title of the same name. Jeter would not be so narcissistic and quit at mid-season. No thanks for that nickname.

    CC has been on fire lately. It took him 5 starts to get win #1. At that time it appeared to be a horrid season. I wish him continued success. AJ on the other hand needs to step things up. Statistically, he is about at his career average right now. Strange is it not that Garcia and Colon are doing better -with less pay. Another worry is Teix. His average is down because he continues to hit into the defensive shift. I hope Kevin Long has noticed and taken some action. It may mean the home runs may come down a bit, but Teix can be a better hitter if he learns to use more of the field.


    • Yankees Chick

      I never understood the point of the HR Derby, but that doesn’t annoy me as much as the ASG itself. I used to enjoy watching it, before Interleague play and it determining HFA. It gave me a chance to see players I’d never see otherwise, since aside from the Cubs/White Sox and assorted games on ESPN, there were a lot of teams I never saw. Now it’s just a big circle jerk of ego. God love Derek Jeter, but he had no right making the All-Star team this year. At least he bowed out and is letting someone else start.

      If I had my way, no Yankees would be on the team. We usually need all the rest we can get.


  2. jasonheartland

    I love the new look to the blog, Beth. Is MLBlogs through WordPress now?
    Keep up the good work.

    Jason from The Heartland


    • Yankees Chick

      Yeah, MLBlogs made the move a couple of months ago over to WordPress. Of course, if you don’t use any of the MLBlogs themes, you’re considered to be no longer “part of the community”, but I like the fact that over here I have more than three themes to choose from.


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