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Game 158: Welp, that’s it then.

So that’s how the world ends; not with a bang, but a whimper.  We are officially eliminated from any and all playoff spots, which means our season is basically over.  Derek Jeter’s last home game is tomorrow, his last ever game is on Sunday night.  If we’re going to win any of the next four games, please let them be those.  One of the people I follow on Twitter tweeted an interesting graphic concerning the last time the Yankees missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons —

For the uninitiated, that’s what gas prices were like the last time that happened, which should give you an idea of how rare an occurrence it is.  Gas under a buck…..where oh where did the time go.

Our pitching sucked this afternoon, and there’s no nice way of putting it.  Our starter, Shane Greene, lasted only 3.2 innings, giving up 6 ER on 7 H.  Our bullpen gave up a further 3 ER on 8 H.  It was just an all-around sh!tshow, so I’m not sure if yesterday was an aberration or what.  Claiborne and Huff were the only two relievers who didn’t crap the bed, so good for them.

The offense was as stale and pathetic as the pitching.  Once again, the top part of the lineup had all the hits/runs, with one exception; Stephen Drew went 1-2 with an RBI, and he bats sixth.  Chase Headley went 3-4 with an RBI, Mark Teixeira went 2-4 with 3 RBI, and that’s basically anything of consequence.


Game 157: Let down.

Well, we made a game of it, and I suppose in the end, that’s what counts.  We had been down 5-1 early, but managed to storm back in the later innings, but we fell a bit short.  Our elimination number from any and all postseason activity is now 1, which, well…..I can’t say I’m all that upset about, really.  I knew it would take an act of nature or something else wildly unlikely for us to make the playoffs this year, so I’ve always had that in the back of my mind.  It makes it hurt less when it becomes an eventuality.

What can I say about Brandon McCarthy?  At least he didn’t walk anybody?  He struck out eight?  If only the front half of his line (11 H, 5 ER) looked as good as the back half.  He also pitched into the 6th, so that’s something else too.  Rich Hill, Esmil Rogers, Dellin Betances, and David Robertson all pitched in relief, giving up a further six hits, but no runs, no walks, and they struck out three.  If only they’d pitched the entire game.

Our offense went back to being woeful, with yet again, barring a couple of exceptions, all of the offense coming from the first third of the batting order.  Brett Gardner went 1-4, Derek Jeter went 1-5, and Brian McCann went 2-4 with 2 RBI.  Both Chris Young and Stephen Drew collected RBIs, but they had no hits.  We were 0-8 with RISP and had 7 LOB.  You can’t win games that way.  I don’t even think the 1927 Yankees could win a game like that. There’s two more games to this series, one this afternoon, and then Derek Jeter’s last home game tomorrow night, and if we’re going to win either of them….please win tomorrow night’s game.

Game 118: Somewhat Expected.

Well, I could lie and say I thought we’d pound the Orioles into the ground, but I think we all know that wasn’t going to happen, not even on our best day.  Rather, they’re the ones that did the pounding.  Our playoff chances keep getting slimmer and slimmer, given that we’re behind Kansas City by several games for the second WC spot.  This isn’t going to be an in-depth recap, only because I stayed up rather late last night watching news about Robin Williams, and as such, I’m a bit exhausted right now and don’t particularly have the energy to do a whole lot of bellyaching about how bad the Yankees managed to shit the bed last night.  Losing 11-3 is awful, whether it happens in April or August, but when you’re fighting for your playoff lives, it’s about 10 steps to the left of awful.  I hope that tonight’s game is the exact opposite, in that we manage to win, whether it’s by one run or 20.

Screw you, Bud.

Bud Selig “open” to expanding playoffs

Seriously Bud……screw you.  The playoffs are too long already, what with the 80 gajillion days off the teams need between games and series lest they be forced to play back-to-back games more than once.  Yeah yeah yeah, only 8 teams out of 30 make the playoffs every year, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s 4 too many.  Yes I’m aware that means without a WC, the Yankees wouldn’t have made the playoffs this year — I’m fine with that.  Go back to needing to win the division to make the playoffs.  Realign the divisions so that there’s two again in each league and do what baseball did from 1969 to 1993.  It didn’t kill anyone did it?  The WS was over by the end of October at the latest, and everyone got to enjoy Halloween without worry about whether or not the series would extend INTO FREAKIN’ NOVEMBER.

If you’re going to expand the playoffs, shorten the regular season.  Go back to 154 games OR schedule more day/night doubleheaders so that the regular season ends earlier.  Start the playoffs earlier and then you can cram in as many meaningless exhibition games as you want without Christmas coming before it’s over.

Am I the only one sick and tired of Bud Selig?  Give the commish’s job to Cal Ripken Jr., already and be done with it. 

ALCS Game 6: Well………..damn it.



Just wasn’t meant to be this year, huh guys?  At least we made a series of it and brought it back to Texas.  They were the better team, I’ve got no problem admitting that.  This team is not and was not last year’s team, so I knew our chances of repeating would be lower than if we had the same team, but you always go into every season believing you can go all the way. 

I’m not mad at the Yankees, they did their best — I’m more upset about games we should have won that we lost that might have put us in a better position to do better in the playoffs.  We had a lot of injuries, our rotation was in shambles, our offense was basically narcoleptic the last month of the season…..the fact we got to Game 6 of the ALCS against a team that currently employs Cliff Lee is pretty damn good, actually. 

Speaking of the devil…….anyone else hoping the Rangers lose the World Series?  See, if they lose, the Yankees have a better chance of snagging him in the off-season when he becomes a free agent.  I’d hate to be that person, but if the Mariners hadn’t screwed up their negotiations with Cashman, Lee would have been a Yankee and maybe WE’D be awaiting the winner of the NLCS.  Ah, well.  There’s always next year.  With CC and Cliff Lee as our 1-2.  😀

Also, same rules apply this year as applied last year and any previous seasons — trolling, flame-bait comments or general douchebagginess will not be allowed.  Don’t make me lock this entry so no one can comment because you people can’t be grown-ups. 

ALCS Game 5: Do NOT adjust your screens.


Yes, yes you are seeing things correctly.  That IS a #6 to the left of this text.  Our Magic Number has finally dropped another notch.  Thank God.  I don’t know who said what to whom about anything, but Swish said they came to the park wearing their suits because they were determined to send the series back to Texas.  Whatever it was, it worked. 

CC took the mound today to save our season and managed to do it.  He wasn’t as effective as he has been in the past, but he was a sh!t-ton better than he was in Game 1.  So I’ll take it.  He went 6 innings, gave up 2 ER on 11 H and struck out 7.  What I liked was that he didn’t walk anyone.  So he had decent control with his pitches — he either struck them out or they hit the ball.  The fact the Rangers only managed two runs tells me they couldn’t do much with the hits he was giving up.  Good — it’s about time someone else found out what that felt like.  Kerry Wood pitched a very solid two innings, giving up only one hit and striking three in the process.  Mo came in for the 9th and since he hasn’t pitched at all in this series, he was a little rusty but he locked it down.  I forgot what a game like this looks like……it’s been so long.  <_<

Something else that’s been a long time coming has been the offense.  We actually hit the ball today!  And scored runs!  More runs than the other team!  Huzzah!  Sorry for the sarcasm, but watching a good team play like crap for three straight games after giving everyone a heart attack in the first game has sort of oh I don’t know, ticked me off.  A few players today had great afternoons and did their jobs.  Jorge went 2-4 with an RBI, Grandy went 3-4 with 2 RBI and both Robbie and Swish went 1-4 with an RBI.  I hope this new-found offensive awakening follows us back to Arlington. 

Stars of the Game™



ALCS Game 4: We don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, do we?

snowballs 4.jpgPardon my extreme pessimism right now, but my opinion of this team’s chances to force a 7th game and win is lower than the barometer on the Titanic.  If it could go wrong last night, it did.  First AJ pitches strong for most of the game, but the offense does nothing.  Then we manage to take the lead, but then AJ horks it back up and then proceeds to let the Rangers run a train on him until he’s finally pulled…..wherein Mark Teixeira strains a hammy and I stopped watching at point.  There’s only so much self-inflicted torture I’ll allow myself to endure, believe it or not. 


What is the saddest part is our season would have been over last night if not for the comeback in Game 1.  Which appears to be an anomoly.  So now we have to hope and pray that CC pitches like he did last season and not this season in the playoffs so we can at least go back to Texas to face……..Cliff Lee.  OH GOODY.  Time to face facts, peeps.  We’re not as good of a team as we were last season.