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Game 111: Cy Young, Shmy Young.

Well, the Yankees have a hard row to hoe in this series against the Tigers, considering we’re facing not one, not two, but three consecutive Cy Young award winners, starting with last year’s winner, Max Scherzer.  I always hate when we have to try to hit against really good pitchers, because more often than not, we do jack squat.  We didn’t do much last night as it was, but thankfully it was enough to win.

Brandon McCarthy pitched a great game, and that really can’t be overstated.  He’s not Cy Young caliber himself, and the Tigers are a good team, but he held them back as much as he could.  In 5.2 IP, he gave up only 5 H and 1 R, and the one run was unearned.  Our bullpen took over after that, giving up just 1 H and 3 SO combined.  D-Rob and his magic high socks collected his 30th save of the season.  I should add that Scherzer pitched fantastically himself, going 7 innings and giving up only 2 R on 9 H, but this is still a Yankees blog, so while he pitched well, I’m glad we still beat him anyway. 

The offense was as weak as the pitching was strong, which was to be expected, given who we were facing.  Jacoby Ellsbury went 2-3 with an RBI, and Brian McCann went 1-4 with an RBI, and that was our scoring for the night right there.  Brett Gardner went 2-4, and he was the only other hitter, aside from Ellsbury, to get more than one hit.  I’ll say this though, everyone in the lineup aside from Beltran and Drew got at least one hit, so there’s something.

Let’s do this again tonight, only against David Price this time, who we always have oh-so-much fun against each time we see him.  I’d like to win this series, so it’s either we beat him or we beat Verlander, which yeah.  You can see the pickle we’re in.  Not to mention, Baltimore won last night, which is becoming endlessly irritating.  Do you know how painful it is to root for the freakin’ Nationals to win a game?  We need to try and overtop Toronto to keep pace with the Orioles, which is becoming a Herculean task in and of itself.  Damn it, Washington….you’re first in war, first in peace, but can you be first at beating the O’s?????


ST Game 21: Alex Rodriguez 2, Nationals 1


Today started out on a very high note for me.  My dad’s blood work and scans came back clean as a whistle!  For those who may not know, last summer, my father had diverticulitis.  In the process of taking some MRIs to determine what was causing it, they found a small tumor on his kidney.  It was removed (the tumor, not the kidney) and the area where the tumor had been was cauterized.  He has to go back to the doctors every 6 months now for 2-3 years for blood work and scans, just to make sure nothing makes a return appearance.  He’s had two such appointments and all has been looking good.  Thank your deity of choice.  My mom jokes it’s because he’s a Red Sox fan and he wants to stick around just to torture me, but I don’t know.   LOL 

On top of that, the Yankees win.  Could the day get better?  On our Countdown to Opening Night™ which is nearing the one-week mark BTW, we’re now at 11.  The Yanks had a great game tonight, getting stellar pitching from Javy Vasquez (4 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 6 K) and our pen (3 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 5 K) and an awesome offensive performance from Alex (2-3, 2 RBI).  Robbie went 1-3 and gave us our other RBI.  So well done all around! 

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Hot Stove News: Brian Bruney traded to Washington Nationals

Bye, bye Bruney  Brian Bruney.jpg

So he was sent off for the always popular PTBNL (player to be named later).  Is it too much to ask that it’s Adam Dunn?  Okay, maybe so.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this move – on paper it looks good, I mean Brian had some flashes of dominance, but they were too few and far between.  Maybe Cash was able to get something for him.

Thanks for everything, Brian.  Much luck in DC to you. 

Game 68: Family matters.

There will be no write-up for the game tonight, I wasn’t able to watch the game due to extenuating circumstances.  Namely, my father having a tumor removed from his kidney.  We just got back from the hospital not more than 10 minutes ago and I’m too drained physically and emotionally to even watch over the highlights of another loss (to the Nats, no less) and write anything up.  I hope you’ll forgive me.  Go Yanks.  

Game 67: That was……strange.

confused computer user.jpg

John Lannan has a respectable ERA, so it’s not like we got shut down by someone with Wang’s ERA.  That being said…….losing to the Nationals?  Yeesh. Not exactly an exemplary showing.  
I’m also relatively certain that the Wang in the rotation phenomenon needs to come to an end.  Hughes came in to relieve him and pitched fantastically.  It sucks that the roster spot is currently being occupied by a gaping black hole.  It’s getting to the point now where games he starts are losses before the players take the field, and if we manage to win the game, we got lucky. 
Now on to the offense.  Alex needs a night off, he’s slumping badly.  Again, we faced a pitcher we hadn’t seen before and basically did nothing.  What’s the deal with that?  And the first pitch swinging……ever heard of working the count?  That’s how we get mediocre pitchers out of the game and get to the crappy bullpen.  I don’t understand how we can score 9 runs in 3 innings off Johan Santana, but can’t hit someone like Lannan to save our butts.  I understand that sometimes even bad teams win a game, I mean it’s not like the Nationals are going to go 0-162, but these are games we should be winning.  I don’t want to be fighting for a playoff spot come September and look back and say…..”here’s a whole host of games we should have won” and that’s not even counting the 8 or 9 games we’ve lost to Boston already.  I guess we should be thankful that in spite of that, they’re only 3 games ahead of us right now.  Although they’re beating the weak NL East teams right now.  We need to be doing that. Let’s win tomorrow and take the series.  

Game 66: The streak is broken!


I know what you’re thinking……what streak?  Well, this was the first home game we played with no home run.  That may not be significant in the long run, but one of the things people complained about re: the new Yankee Stadium (or Coors Field East, as I’ve heard it called) is that the park is homer-happy and that we can’t win a home game without one.  Well, la dee da, we just did.  
Granted it was one of those wins where we were wondering up to about the last couple innings whether we would or not, but a win is a win, no matter how (or when) it’s gotten.  We had Crooked Cap on the mound tonight and yet again, he went deep into the game – going 7.2 innings and giving up only 3 runs on 6 hits.  It sucks the three runs came on a 3-run HR [at least someone hit one!], but we were able to come right back and take the lead, so it didn’t affect anything.  He’s definitely been our ace this season even if his W-L tally doesn’t reflect that.  Bruney relieved him and pitched a great 0.2 innings and then Mo came in for the save and locked it down with no drama.  Can’t complain much about this pitching performance.  
However, one can complain about the fact we only managed 5 runs and 8 hits off the Washington Nationals, a team so bad I actually feel bad for them.  CBS Sports called them woeful and I think even that may be too kind.  What is even worse is that Robbie Cano had exactly half our hit count tonight.  Not exactly what I’d call a sparkling display.  Then again, we did score 15 runs on Sunday, so I guess we were due for a slow day.  In any event, aside from Robbie going 4-4 with 2 RBI, no one else really did anything.  Alex is slumping bad, Derek left the game early [don’t quite know why, yet] and the bottom of the lineup got a collective 1 hit.  So a short write-up on the offense since it didn’t do much.  Let’s hope for bigger and better things tomorrow.  
Also, it was revealed today that Sammy Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003, so he’s part of the 104 names that Alex was also on.  Gee, color me surprised.  Just release the rest of the names and get it over with, I’m tired of this drips and drabs crap.  
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